2x a month visit by GRIT ( or Mindfulness ) counselor/ health professional

Performances – March & June

Pines Interactive Museum Day – May

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⭐Themes  💪🏾 Growing  Grittiness(G.G.) 💃🏾🎭 Dance & Drama (D.D.) 📚Literacy Lessons (L.L.)

Many of the themes we explore throughout the year are tied to Benchmark Advance ( the reading series adopted by Broward County) and all interdisciplinary literacy lessons  are aligned to Florida’s  B.E.S.T. Standards.

The Grit Workbook for Kids, a cognitive behavior therapy book by Elisa Nebolsine, is used for our Growing Grittiness activities. During each session students get the opportunity to track their resilience levels and to set goals for themselves.

Students are also given time to complete their homework and to develop the habit of reading during the Readers Are Leaders time.

We are hopeful that all of the activities planned will not only be enriching but will serve to mold our children into global citizens who use the arts to create a more loving and peaceful society,

Week 1🌟 Movement & Me
💪🏾 G.G. 🎯Grit Survey
# 1 Intro to Grit 
# 2 How Gritty Are You ?
💃🏾🎭  (D.D.) Work on coordination, dance vocabulary & creating skit
1 min Me Movement
📚(L.L.)Read Bubble Gum Brain
Sort character strips, Journaling text to self connection
🎯B.E.S.T.F.2.4, R.1.1, R.1.2, C.1.1, C.2.1
Week 2🌟Characters Facing Challenges
💪🏾 G.G. 🎯Grit Tracker
# 3 Tracking Your Grit Level
l#4 The Grittiest Of Them All
Reread Bubble Gum Brain
💃🏾🎭  (D.D.) Work on coordination, dance vocabulary & skit
📚(L.L.)Read The Most Magnificent Thing
Make a Magnificent board game w/ adjectives and verbs ( + & -) 
🎯B.E.S.T.F.2.4, R.1.1, R.1.2, C.1.1,C.2.1,C.5.1
Week 3🌟 Celia Cruz
💪🏾 G.G. 🎯Grit Tracker
#5 Grit Spotting
#6 Brains Can Change
Video My Fantastic Elastic Brain
💃🏾🎭  (D.D.) Work on coordination, skit, & recognizing salsa music
📚(L.L.)Read Who Was Celia & May Name Is Celia
Compare and contrast books w/ double bubble 💡map
Debate: Which book showed Celia’s Grit Level the best?
🎯B.E.S.T.F.2.4, C.1.3, C.2.1, R.2.1, R.2.2, R. 3.2, R.3.3
Week 4🌟 Tito Puente
💪🏾 G.G. 🎯Grit Tracker
#7 Brain Basics
#8 Fight, Flight, or Freeze
Read I Choose To Calm My Anxiety 
💃🏾🎭  (D.D.) Work on coordination, skit, & distinguishing different types of salsa styles
📚(L.L.)Read Tito Puente Mambo King
Chart Tito’s character traits 
🎯B.E.S.T.F.2.4, R.1.1, R.1.2, C.1.1,C.2.1,C.5.1